Regency Health and Medicine: Gargles

Although a “trifling” class of medicine, gargles were employed during the Regency to help allieviate symptoms like sore throats, dry mouth, or simply a dirty mouth. Domestic Medicine, Or, A Valuable Treatise on the Prevention and Cure of …, 1804

Regency Travel: London to Bath

Leigh’s New Pocket Road Book of England, Wales, and Part of Scotland, on the Plan of Reichard’s Itineraries(1825)has not only some great info on distances to places via Coaching Roads, but also some travel guide tips.  Very much like those guides I use to carry around before the days of the interwebs, this guide features not only some of the best sites along your tour, but … Expand

Regency Household: Garden Railings

  Appearing in the July 1821 issue of Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions &c, these hints on ornamental gardening replete with plates of railings meant to be painted or gilded for added glamourous effect. Doubtless meant to surround terraces or other well walked paths, these railings display similar patterns to those figured muslins and embroidery patterns often features in the fashion plates. Quelle joie!

Joan Smith: Bath Belles

T IS HIGH TIME FOR BELLE TO FACE FACTS — HER FIANCE IS DEAD AND HER LIFE MUST GO ON. When Belle Haley finally arrives to inspect the London house that her dead Graham bequeathed to her, she can scarcely wait to sell it and return home to Bath. But when wealthy insurance tycoon Desmond Maitland shows an uncommon interest in her unimpressive abode, Belle … Expand

Regency Culture and Society: Awards Night


    Published in the July 1821 issue of Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions &c this list of awards provides an interesting window in to honored arts, agricultural achievements and inventions.  I love how women are thoroughly represented (albeit in the arts categories). The image is from a 2011 auction of a medal given in 1794, so apparently a few of these are still in … Expand

Joan Smith: Madcap Miss

WHEN A YOUNG WOMAN DONS A GIRLISH DISGUISE, SHE DISCOVERS THAT LOVE IS NOT CHILD’S PLAY…. Poor Grace, having just lost her post as governess, had no friends, no money, and was indeed in dire straits. Her petite figure and clever disguise fooled the coachman into giving her a child’s fare to Wickfield, but what to do when she got there? Handsome Lord Whewett, to … Expand

Regency Words: Betting Lingo

The lingo of betting in the Regency was heavily influenced by cant, with lots of colorful ways to describe infamous activities. Here are a few plucked from the pages of the Lexicon Balatronicum (1823).