Regency Culture and Society: An Old Maid’s Fruitless Search After A Husband

This scathing reply to a character sketch of an old maid published in the December 1821 of Ackermann’s Repository makes the argument that fortune, more oft than not, is the primary reason women remained unmarried…not because of some personal defect, flaw, or obstinate nature, and that being called an “old maid” is unjust. Here is the original article Celibia reponds to (published in September of 1821): … Expand

Regency Women of Character: Amelia Noel


                          Amelia Noel, born Minka Levy, was an artist who specialized in landscapes.  Supporting herself as a drawing mistress, she exhibited many works between 1795 an 1804 and worked primarily with pastels.  She was also a noted etcher and engraver, which was unusual for a woman at that time. An advertisment in the … Expand

Suzanne Allain: Mr. Malcolm’s List

The Honorable Mr. Malcolm has a secret. This elusive matrimonial prize, long the target of desperate debutantes and their matchmaking mothers, is well known for his fastidiousness. What is not well known is that he has a list of qualifications for his future bride. Can any woman hope to win the heart of such a hardened critic? Selina Dalton can only try her best. And … Expand

Regency Fashion: Evening and Promenade Costumes

Featured in the September 1813 The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions and … these pale satin and muslin gowns express the understated elegance of the 1810s.

From the Desk of Anne: Spam Control


La! So much spam.  Its been on the uptick recently, which has necessitated me taking a couple of stronger measures to save myself the enormous time suck…because this is a part time passion blog, not a full time job.  I have always tried to safeguard the site and make the comments section sacred, bouncing anything that is remotely spamming so that real dialogue, feedback, etc. … Expand