From the Desk of Anne: Spam Control

reg1new.jpgLa! So much spam.  Its been on the uptick recently, which has necessitated me taking a couple of stronger measures to save myself the enormous time suck…because this is a part time passion blog, not a full time job.  I have always tried to safeguard the site and make the comments section sacred, bouncing anything that is remotely spamming so that real dialogue, feedback, etc. can shine through but unfortunately a surge of activity necessitates a bit more rigid control.

So, as much as I love hearing from you, the comments are going to be a bit harder to submit.  You will be required to register and have to go through some spam bot controls in order to post up comments.

There are lots of other ways, however, to shout out, show your support, give feedback, etc if you are not inclined to register with WP.  You can tweet at me (which although there may be a bit of a delay, I am best about checking), email me at romanceanne at yahoo dot com, check me out on pinterest or Facebook, follow via BlogLovin’ or RSS, or find me on GoodReads.

You can also still submit Regency era questions on the Reader ? page via an easy submit form.

If you have questions or concerns, feedback or suggestions, please feel free to use any of the above methods.  Together we can be free of porn peddlers and Viagra vendors!



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