Top Ten: Best Regency Romances for Teens

In no particular order, here is my top ten of Reg Roms for teens. Click on the cover to be whisked away for purchase, or hit the link on title/author to read my review.

Meg Cabot: Victoria and the Rogue
Short, sweet and often funny, this is a great YA read for those interested in historical romance.

Anya Wylde: Dorothy
Recommended for older teens, this is funny, fast and fun Beauty and the Beast tale of unlikely loves

Rachel Carter: Lucretia
A classic Reg Rom with fun moments that are often funny, this is a great read for most ages

Caroline Ashton: Rowena
A dramatic traditional Regency with a soft, subtle romance

Susan Carroll: Brighton Road
Regency romp with a fanciful heroine and “Sobersides” hero, this is great for most ages

Emily Hendrickson: Miss Cheney’s Charade
A rompish leaning traditional Reg Rom with masquerade as central premise.

Carola Dunn: A Lord for Miss Larkin
A quick and classic traditional Reg Rom with only mild melodrama

Joan Smith: Cousin Cecilia
Spunky matchmaker heroine meets her own match when she tries to fix up her cousins. Funny, charming and sweet.

Barbara Metzger: Miss Lockharte’s Letters
Full of funny and tender moments, a classic Reg Rom with a road trip.

Georgette Heyer: Cotillion
Of course I am going to recommend Heyer, and of course Cotillion is one of the top! Funny, sweet, with an unlikely match teens will find the characters relatable.

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