Susan Carroll: The Wooing of Miss Masters


The entire county, however, was agog with the news that the infamous Duke of Raeburn –whose frown was as legendary as his fortune–was hosting a ball to choose a duchess!

A chance encounter with the Scowling Duke himself only confirmed Audra’s desire to remain a spinster, content with her inheritance and her books. His insolence was infuriating. How dare he deem her a Long Meg with unremarkable eyes! She wouldn’t go to his ball if he got on his knees and begged.

But the duke was not to be bested by this brazen hoyden. No, he had a few ideas of his own….

This was the second Carroll I have read, and having enjoyed Brighton Road thought this one would be funny too.

There are definitely some cute-funny scenes and dialogue, and a very unusual, gruff H/h which makes for one hilarious dance.  It wasn’t the lol kind of funny, but it definitely made me smile.

In a case of spinsters and the men who love them, Audra has struck out against propriety (owing to her 10,000 pounds) and is renting a hunting lodge on the Duke of Raeburn’s estate to raise her younger half sister, and live a life of solitude with her books.  A chance meeting (a pretty funny one) with the Duke sets the wheels in motion for a most unusual courtship.

Yes, Audra is a bit bitchy, but mostly in a loveable curmudgeonly way.  And the Duke isn’t handsome…actually the descriptions make me think he looks a bit like this:

He also is pretty darn blustery…but not Duke-ish.

There is some interesting backstory that gives a good and surprising depth to this shorty, but mostly its a couple of excessively silly scenes between H/h and supporting characters (the 90 something rakehell Rev. Uncle is a personal fave).  There is kissing, but not much else in the way of intimacy or adult material, so this is a safe read for the clean reads crowd.  Some teens, especially the ones who enjoy a bit of the absurd, will also enjoy this one.

I found it to be a slow starter, so given its short length it really is worth the plod through the first chapter or so because once the H/h meets it moves along quickly.

I probably won’t reread, but nonetheless found this a diverting traditional.

4.5 out of 6 A traditional Regency with unusual H/h and cute/funny scenes

Content Rating/Heat Index
Not really
A kiss or two
Not really
Clean traditional Regency appropriate for most

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