Top 10 Favorite Clean Masquerade/Mistaken Identity Theme Reg Roms

One of my favorite Regency plots is the masquerade or mistaken identity.  I have compiled a list of ten favorite clean (kisses only) masquerade/mistaken identity themed Regency Romances for your wish lists.  Book images takes you to amazon for purchase, or the author name/title take you to my review.  I offer this list in no particular order.

Candice Hern: A Garden Folly  In a quest for love, a Duke goes undercover.  Lighthearted and humorous, there is a delightful amount of kisses and romance.

Susan Lodge: Only a Hero Will Do I loved this sweet, fun story with a little bit of cross-dressing that lands the heroine into the arms of the hero.

Joan Smith: Regency Masquerade  From beginning to end, a delightfully funny, action packed Regency that kept me up all night reading.

Teresa Thomas Bohannon: A Very Merry Chase  A masquerading Duke hero with lots of action, funny scenes, and enjoyable romance.

Jacqueline Diamond: A Lady in Disguise Tells the story of heroine who decides to try and pull off the mistaken identity of an actress…with hilarious results.

Georgette Heyer: The Corinthian  Often lauded as her funniest, Heyer offers a gender bending disguise to help the heroine escape landing her in the lap of the a hero also on the run.

Joan Smith: Madcap Miss  Outrageous masquerade, laugh out loud funny scenes, this gem features lots of great characters

Carola Dunn: The Fortune Hunters Double your masquerade with a bunch of characters on the hunt for rich spouses in Bath.

Joan Smith: The Waltzing Widow Another laugh out loud funny Regency from Joan Smith, featuring a broken hearted Diamond resuscitating in the country as a widow.

Emily Hendrickson: Miss Cheney’s Charade Mummies, masquerade and mauling mauraders with this funny, lengthier Regency featuring an enterprising heroine.

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