Regency Advertisements: Morgan and Sanders Furniture Warehouse

Ackermann’s Repository, May 1817

The last line was, apparently, meant to distinguish themselves from their former employer and rival Thomas Butler (

What is particularly of interest, is the concept of a showroom as a space not only of exhibition but also of leisure and socializing; “it is noticeable that space is provided for visitors to sit down and relax…(t)his may reflect Morgan & Sanders’ intention of creating comfortable areas for customers for the purposes of both relaxation and discussion” (Furniture-Makers and Consumers in England, 1754-1851: Design as Interaction (The History of Retailing and Consumption) p.131).

Butler and Morgan & Sanders were some of the most recognized manufactures and designers of campaign furniture, or furniture for people travelling abroad or with the military.

I have posted a couple examples on pinterest: I must confess I have always loved this type of furniture, but learning more may have licked the flames into full blown obsession.

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