Alicia Cameron: Delphine and the Dangerous Arrangement

Cover of Delphine and the Dangerous Arrangement

My lord Gascoigne,
I wish to lay my bargain before you with all openness…
Your duties, under the terms of this bargain, are to guide me through the dangerous waters of the Beau Monde. I trust my instincts, but it would be useless to suggest that I am experienced in the ways of the world. I could see at once that you are.
I recognised the trap of your good looks, charm and rank at a glance … but I am safe, for I could never marry a man such as you.”

Delphine Delacroix has lived the life of bird in a gilded cage, kept in a stately home with only her cold autocratic mother for company. At her mother’s death, she finds herself to be a wealthy woman and comes to London, to be fretted over by her three maternal aunts – determined to have her marry well. However, Delphine feels she is once more handing herself over to another’s will and seeks to be the mistress of her own destiny.

Viscount Titus Gascoigne, with pressing debts, agrees to her terms, gauging the true character of her suitors and telling her honestly, whilst declaring himself also her suitor. Delphine laughs at his declaration – but will their dangerous agreement prosper? Or will it be discovered and prove scandalous?

This title is currently available for pre-order and will be released on February 14th, 2018.

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