Ratings & Ethics

Review ratings:

For later reviews and per reader demand, I added a review rating and content rating system to my posts. There have been several iterations of the system, which you may see sprinkled throughout the site, but generally the principles are the same.

I rate reviews based on a scale of low (1) to high (6…formerly 5). Low are books that I would never recommend reading, and as such will be few and far between–as I don’t want to waste my time or my readers time reviewing substandard work. The upper end of the scale is more nuanced, and thus usually accompanied by a two sentence explanation. 6 is for outstanding “classic” romances, of the likes of Heyer and Austen, and so a rating that will also be rare.

Most books fall between the 3 and 5 range, which I consider to be “an ok read to a will read again.” Please feel free to engage in a dialogue or disagree with my rating via comments–I fully acknowledge that my opinions are just that and do not encapsulate all Reg Rom readers.

The second part of my rating system is a “heat index” or content rating based on the variety and level of adult subject matter/material in the book. This was at the behest of younger and clean Regency readers who wanted recommendations for “traditional” or “clean” Regency.

In the past, I used a motion picture scale with a couple of sentence explaining. However, I have noticed this is an incomplete system, because sometimes content has a lot of adult subject matter with little intimacy…which can’t be fully explained in a paragraph.

Therefore, I have developed a three scale system for rating content called the heat index.  The heat index covers individual ratings for mature content, intimate scenes and violence with an overall score based on those three categories).

If you disagree with my rating, please contact me!

Ethics Statement

Here is a statement of my ethics and coverage policies.

To begin, I haven’t been offered any paid speaking engagements, and may well never be, but if I do any paid speaking it won’t be for a company that I cover. I’m not a consultant for any companies.

As part of covering Regency romance, I review books (usually on my DH-paid-for-gift Nook book). Occasionally, I receive free electronic copies for review. This is always disclosed at the end of such posts.

I also abide by the Bloggers Code of Ethics which can be found here.

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  1. Susana Ellis says:


    I have a sweet Regency short story (Treasuring Theresa) coming out January 3, 2013 with Ellora’s Cave. I was wondering if I could contribute a guest blog or interview on your site. I’ll gladly submit a review copy as soon as I have one (January 3rd), but in the meantime, I’d love to contribute to your site if I could.

    Love your site!

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