Top Ten: Best Regency Romances for Teens

In no particular order, here is my top ten of Reg Roms for teens. Click on the cover to be whisked away for purchase, or hit the link on title/author to read my review. Meg Cabot: Victoria and the Rogue Short, sweet and often funny, this is a great YA read for those interested in historical romance. Anya Wylde: Dorothy Recommended for older teens, this … Expand

Top 50: If you love Georgette Heyer

I came to Heyer late in my Reg Rom career, being mostly a mass market girl.  Back then I was still analog, and most of my books were purchased second hand.  Second hand Heyer books are unicorns.  Or at least all white horses.  With good reason…when you have one you never want to let it go. Since those days of analog, I have become a … Expand

Top Ten: Regency Romances for Halloween Season

Last year I offered a list of Halloween and Autumn Reg Roms, and thought I would update it this year with some new offerings for those of you who love to celebrate the Season of the Witch! Jacquie D’Alessandro – Sleepless at Midnight A midnight book club of ladies reading Frankenstein.  This was an entertaining mass market that also had a spine tingling tone.  There … Expand

Top Ten: Regency Romances Perfect for Autumn (and Halloween)

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      My absolute favorite season is the Fall.  From brightly colored leaves, to cooler nights, going back into the kitchen to make baked yummies, to my all time favorite holiday Halloween…its also a great time of year to curl up  under the blankets to a good book (especially while DH watches College Football). I have compiled a list of my top ten favorite Regency Romances … Expand