London Hot Spots: The Porter Brewery

The ambulator; or, The stranger’s companion in a tour round London (1807) Porter beer rose in popularity in the 1700s, and would begin to dwindle in popularity in the 1820s.  Much of its popularity was related to its favor with the working class of industrializing London.  According to a letter from Cesar de Saussure in 1726: “In this country nothing but beer is drunk, and … Expand

Regency Hot Spots: Chief Seats of Particular Trades


I ran across this list in A Description of London; containing a sketch of its history and present  (1824) and found it interesting and useful, so thought I would share.  There is no additional context for the list, but its nonetheless a good reference for deeper dives into some of the trade areas in London during the Regency.

Regency Culture and Society: Awards Night


    Published in the July 1821 issue of Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions &c this list of awards provides an interesting window in to honored arts, agricultural achievements and inventions.  I love how women are thoroughly represented (albeit in the arts categories). The image is from a 2011 auction of a medal given in 1794, so apparently a few of these are still in … Expand