Regency Health and Medicine: Worm Lozenges

La Belle Assemblee, December 1817 John Ching patented a medicine for “destroying worms” on July 11, 1796.  The two types of lozenges, brown and yellow, were for morning and night respectively (Operative Chymist, 1997). Sold until the 1860s, both contained mercury. Here is a recipe (The Family Oracle of Health: Economy, Medicine, and Good Living, 1824)  To read about a child’s death from and the father’s campaign against these lozenges: … Expand

Regency Health and Medicine: Gargles

Although a “trifling” class of medicine, gargles were employed during the Regency to help allieviate symptoms like sore throats, dry mouth, or simply a dirty mouth. Domestic Medicine, Or, A Valuable Treatise on the Prevention and Cure of …, 1804