Regency Advertisements: Hermit Position

English Eccentrics and Eccentricities, 1875 Likely this young man was interested in being a garden or ornamental hermit.  These hermits lived in hermitages, follies, grottoes or rockeries on the estates of wealthy land owners and … Continue

Regency Men: A Letter from Son to Mother about his Lady Love

Perhaps demonstrating the timeless maxim that no woman is ever good enough for a mother’s son, this heartfelt letter appeared in the December 1803 issue of Lady’s Monthly Museum. I though readers would find his … Continue

Regency Advertisements: For All You Military Men…

              Now the “oldest cosmetics manufacturer in the UK” ( dating back to 1677, during the Regency era the company of Price & Gosnell had a location on Leadenhall … Continue

Regency Culture and Society: Debates for the Ladies

I discovered this treasure in the October 1808 issue of Lady’s Monthly Museum and thought I would share. I particularly love the hypothetical husband nicknames.