Regency Men: Martin Archer Shee

Born in Dublin on Dec. 20, 1769, Martin Archer Shee would eventually rise to acclaim as a portrait painter and president of the Royal Academy in 1830. The Life of Sir Martin Archer Shee: President of the Royal Academy, 1860 He became active in London by 1788, and was “second only to Lawrence as the leading society portraitist” (  He was under the guidance of … Expand

Regency Men: Richard “Conversation” Sharp

The chief secret of comfort lies in not suffering trifles to vex us, and in prudently cultivating our undergrowth of small pleasures, since very few great ones, alas! are let on long leases. – Letters and Essays in Prose and Verse Quite possibly one of the most popular celebrities in the Regency era, Richard “Conversation” Sharp came from wealthy London merchants and excelled beyond to become … Expand

Regency Culture and Society: A Scathing Letter on the Marriage of Minors


Based on the desperate and sometimes scathing letter to the editor that appeared in the February 1815 issue of The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions and …, it appears that even after the banns were read men who had not yet reached their majority were still able to weasel out of the marriage…yet the same right was not allotted to young women.

Regency Culture and Society: The Persian Student in London

I heard of a fascinating new book on NPR the other day, the recounting of a diary of Persian student who travelled, with five other students, to study in London in 1815.  The new release The Love of Strangers: What Six Muslim Students Learned in Jane Austen’s London by Nile Green relates the adventures of the Muslim young men as they immerse themselves in British Regency … Expand