Regency Reader Questions: Hyde Park and Driving in the Dark

Question: All the schedules I can find indicate that one called on acquaintances at 5 pm or later.  And that the “fashionable hour” was from about 4:30 to 7:30 pm. If the Season was basically winter, that means people were shopping and promenading driving in Hyde Park in the dark. In dark and dreary weather. Yet no one says, these things happened in the dark … Expand

Regency Advertisments: The Secret of Poonah

Appeared in the 1817 La Belle Assemblee.   Poonah painting was a style popular in the 19th century in which “thick opaque color is applied without background and with scarcely any shading, to thin paper, producing flowers, birds, etc in imitation of Oriental work” (Websters dictionary, 1913).   Below are some more descriptions of the style of painting.  It also can describe velvet painting. Deriving its … Expand

Regency Pastimes: Hunting the Squirrel

Sporting Magazine, Volume 18, 1801 Apparently, there was also a co-ed dance like game called Hunt the Squirrel which was very naughty indeed: The sports and pastimes of the people of England, New ed. by W. Hoone, 1850