Regency Reader Questions: Shoes and Feet

Question: I’ve read that most tailors were men, that ladies got their footgear from these male tailors, and that the tailor himself tended to serve the client. So did a lady of the ton–did any lady–allow a male tailor to touch and handle her feet and ankles? Measure her, fit the slipper or boot? Did she actually show leg to a strange man? (Eg, how … Expand

Regency Reader Questions: Hyde Park and Driving in the Dark

Question: All the schedules I can find indicate that one called on acquaintances at 5 pm or later.  And that the “fashionable hour” was from about 4:30 to 7:30 pm. If the Season was basically winter, that means people were shopping and promenading driving in Hyde Park in the dark. In dark and dreary weather. Yet no one says, these things happened in the dark … Expand

Regency Reader Questions: Double Barrelled Surnames


Moniker/Name: tkh Source of Question: Research Your Question: I have read hundreds of pages on titles, forms of address, etc. I’ve perused the tomes, consulted my shelf of “how they lived” books. I was toying with the idea of writing a Regency novel (not my usual genre), and I personally do prefer to be historically accurate, but in all this research, I can’t find an … Expand

Regency Reader Questions: Actors and Housing

Moniker/Name: Alyson Pearce Source of Question: Research Your Question: Hello! I’m writing a different sort of Regency romance and I had a question regarding living conditions. My main character is a Drury Lane actor making roughly £350/year, a figure that was calculated from receipts which show midrange actors earning £6-10/week. He’s a single man with no children. What kind of lifestyle would that £350/year afford … Expand