Regency Sex Symbols (and Villain): Galloping Dick

Richard “Galloping Dick” Ferguson was initiated into highway robbery by Jerry Abershaw, and the pair became a notorious menance to the roadways of Britain. Galloping Dick was so named for his superior horsemanship.  He was also reportedly a decent gambler, and very popular with the ladies (McLynn, Crime and Punishment in Eighteenth Century England). I have included the 1810 biography from the Newgate Calendar of … Expand

Regency Men: The Dandy Thomas Raikes

Born in 1777 to Thomas Raikes, a merchant in London, governor of the Bank of England, and a personal friend of Wilberforce and William Pitt, the younger Thomas Raikes would make a name for himself as more of a dandy than Cit. The younger Thomas was sent to Eton where he met George Brummel, among others. He did a tour at the age of nineteen, … Expand

Beau Brummel (1924)

This gem of a silent film was on TCM last night, and as DH came to bed and looked up at the screen, he could only wonder aloud, “What are you doing watching a silent movie?” Prinny is fabulous, fat and garrulous and everything you would imagine.  The Beau, John Barrymore, is perfectly entrancing. The costumes are amazing, the acting conveyed in looks and sideway … Expand

Regency Sex Symbols: Lord Palmerston

Henry John Temple (1784-1865), 3rd Viscount Palmerston was best known for his impressive political career.  Having served twice as Prime Minister, and as Foreign Secretary during some of the most brutal conflicts during the Regency era, he began his political career as a Tory and ended as a Liberal. Beyond his political success, he was also a Regency hottie who maintained a scandalous affaire de coeur … Expand