Regency Villains: Napoleon’s Temper

Napoleon’s temper was “sudden, fierce, and boisterous” (The Life of Emperor Napoleon, 1834 by Henry Lee). (“1812” Napoleon I in Russia: With an Introduction by R. Whiteing) Coupled with his obsessive ambition for power (“Power is my mistress”…, his temper arguably helped bring about his downfall. For more: What today’s leaders can learn from Napolean:

Regency Villains: A Treacherous Footman

This “unfortunate wretch” and his story appeared in the 4th Volume of the The New Newgate Calendar.

Regency Villains: James Hadfield

The New Newgate Calendar: Being Interesting Memoirs of Notorious …, Volume 4 Hadfield sustained a severe head injury at the Battle of Tourcoing in 1794, being struck eight times on the head with a sabre.  Upon return to England, he became convinced that the Second Coming of Jesus would occur if he were killed by the British government, and so conspired to murder the King … Expand