Regency Women of Character: “Unbecoming” Lady Drivers

I was doing some research and ran across this account of women drivers in Hyde Park from a very starched up sexist American, and thought it was too interesting not to share.  Not the misogynistic part, the bad-a lady driving part. A Journal of Travels in England, Holland and Scotland, 1820   Almost thirty years later, there seemed to be a more practical approach to ladies … Expand

Regency Women of Character: Madame Saqui

Appearing in the January 1820 edition of La Belle Assemblee, this brief biographical sketch of tight rope walker Madame Saqui highlights her active acrobatics. Beyond being a talented performer, Madame Saqui was also a business woman, although she was best remembered as a Vauxhall performer. Eliza Cook’s Journal 1852

Regency Women of Character: Hannah More

Essays on various subjects, principally designed for young ladies (1810) Hannah More Hannah More (1745-1833) would eventually be known as a thought leader of evangelical, producing plays, poetry,  and later non fiction treatise on a range of moral, religious and political topics.  As a leading member of the Blue Stockings Society, she was an active campaigner against the slave trade, and dedicated to the expansion … Expand

Regency Women of Character: Miss Nash

Featured in the August 1816 La Belle Assemblee, Miss Nash was a notable actress and singer during the Regency era.  Although I wasn’t able to find much on her personal life, her reviews were very often rave; the Theatrical Inquisitor called her a “perfect representative of beauty and innocence” with a performance unsurpassed (The Theatrical Inquisitor, Or, Monthly Mirror, Volume 8) and characterized her singing … Expand