Kat Martin: The Necklace Series

The Bride

The beautiful necklace is rumored to bestow great fortune on those with a true heart, and terrible demise on those who have ill intentions. Kat Martin’s Necklace Series is full of action, baddies, and conflict embroiled lovin’. There is a formula to these books: the hero has his own beliefs about the heroine which are not true, conflict over misinterpretations ensues, baddies get in the … Expand

Regency Hot Spots: Gunters

Inspired by the blog all about Georgiana England (see blogroll) I decided to start my own little lessons in history to share with readers. Fans of the Regency will oft see places mentioned in the pages of their hist-ro, and perhaps not know the real deal.  As an author, I have delved the pages of history to research peoples and places for accuracy and to … Expand

Top Ten Ways to Read Hist-Ro

In the bath…. On the bus… On the beach… In the park… On a rainy Sunday… With coffee or tea… While doing laundry… In your sweatpants… Or pyjamas… Or in a ball gown.

Brenda Joyce: A Lady At Last

A Lady At Last  | Brenda Joyce

” Raised as a pirate’s daughter, Amanda Carre has never been tutored in the finer social graces. Alone in the world, she has never depended on anyone, until fate intervenes in the form of Cliff de Warenne, who rescues her from a mob at her father’s hanging. Now she must set sail for England to find the mother she never knew, and her chaperone is … Expand