Regency Dish: Breakfast

I love breakfast!  So much so, that sometimes I eat it for dinner. Yet, had I lived in the Regency era, I might have found the table set a little too sparsely to satiate my evening hunger.  Although breakfast as we know it was developed in the Regency era, it was obviously not yet valued as the most important meal. A Typical Regency Breakfast: Menu … Expand

Eloisa James: The Essex Sisters Series

One of my favorite hist-ro series is Eloisa James’ The Essex Sisters quartet.  Highly recommended for their humor, lovable characters and fabulous romance (and sizzling scenes), James weaves into her Regency time period contemporary issues like alcoholism and grief with a masterful touch. We first meet the Essex sisters with Much Ado About You, Tess’ story. As the eldest sister, Tess knows that she must … Expand

Regency H/(N)ot Spots: Bath

Ah, Bath.  The great bastion of health and leisure. If you are ever in England, Bath is a place not to miss!  From its Roman bath history, to the picturesque plaza and cathedral, to the stunning architecture, Bath is a city where Georgian England comes alive. And in the Pump Room, you can still “take the waters” although it tastes dreadful and it is doubtful … Expand

Laura Lee Guhrke: Secret Desires of a Gentleman

Victorian “working class women” series about women in trade and the peers who love them. Having just finished The Secret Desires of A Gentleman, I have to say that I enjoyed this series as a refreshing deviation from the norm. Secret Desires is the familiar Sabrina story about two brothers and the woman caught in the middle.  Although not sticking religiously to this plot (as … Expand