More on the Lost Duke

So, I decided to fish around the wide sea of the www and check out what other readers are saying about Quinn’s latest the Lost Duke of Wyndham. To my surprise, some folks actually thought it was awesome! Thankfully for my sanity, however, there were plenty of bad reviews to balance out the good ones. And the bad reviews really reflected my own thoughts about … Expand

Julia Quinn: The Lost Duke of Wydnham

The Lost Duke of Wyndham

I was sooooo excited to finally get my hands on the new Julia Quinn, the Lost Duke of Wyndham. And then I read it. And I kind of wished the Lost Duke would have stayed lost. Oh Anne! You say. You’re far too harsh. You have written some stinkers, too. Be kind. All true. But I am only speaking out of severe disappointment and a … Expand

Pirates, Anyone? Johanna Lindsey

The theme of this month seems to be cross-dressing hoydens.  Therefore, I present to you an evaluation of the Mallory series.  One of the best, in my humble opinion, hist-ro series about pirates and the women who love them. There is something about a Mallory man.  He is big, beautiful and a sex-pot.  He takes what he wants.  In other words, he is delicious and … Expand

Balogh for Beginners

Simply Unforgettable by Mary Balogh

My mom’s favorite out of the hist-ro authors we have been sharing is Mary Balogh. She loves the characters, descriptions, and funny way that Balogh tells a story. For those of you who are knew to Balogh, I highly recommend first trying her “Simply” Series. It is a wonderful collection of stories about the teachers from Miss Martin’s School for Girls. Each has their own … Expand