Shannon Drake: Beguiled


Purchased on a daring whim, I quickly fell in love with Shannon Drake (pen name for bestselling author and vampire genre master Heather Graham). Drake’s precise, no nonsense approach to romance will be appreciated by lovers of hist-ro as a refreshing change of pace and die hard history buffs who love political intrigue will enjoy Beguiled. Interspersed with romance, a highwayman, and an independent heroine, … Expand

Loretta Chase: Lord of Scoundrels

This beautiful reissue (or will it be as dated in 10 years as the 90s cover) caught my eye in the supermarket, so I picked it up.   Not having read Loretta Chase before, I was impressed by the high accolades she has received. This is a fan favorite, but one I had a hard time swallowing.  Overall it was well crafted, but I didn’t … Expand

Samantha James: A Perfect Bride

Pygmalion story.  My favorite of all the great plot lines/myths of Western culture. And while a considerable effort, I am not sure Samantha James is quite as incomparable as Avon pitches her. There’s a hokey ending, which has a high sugar content but is critical for the story to be even remotely believable.  And there is the hero who is perhaps not quite as developed … Expand

Victoria Alexander: Author Review

I can always spot a Victoria Alexander from an aisle away. Mostly because her book covers are always beautiful (and usually sport a nifty stepback so that I can get a little help imagining the characters). But beyond the beautiful cover, I often lose myself in the world painted by Alexander. Reluctant rakes, mischievious debutantes, and a variety of other hist-ro classic subplots that are … Expand