Tracy Anne Warren: My Fair Mistress

Part one of the Mistress Trilogy, My Fair Mistress opens with a familiar plot.  Our heroine, Julianna, wants to clear her brother’s debt and so agrees to the wicked Rafe Pendragon’s proposition.  She will serve for six months as his mistress. Clandestine liaison ensues while a villian emerges from the shadows to threaten the pair of lovers. There was something about the hero, Pendragon, that … Expand

Top 5 Contempo Hist-Ro Villians

We have a look at the heroes.  But what about the villians?  Here are my top 5 men you love to hate. Baron Harwood, The Bride’s Necklace (Kat Martin).  Ugh.  He’s lecherous, threatens penury…not much to like about this dude. Thomas Hint, The Flame and the Flower (Kathleen E Woodiwiss).  Even though from the 70s, this story isn’t outdated.  I’ve read it at least five … Expand

Jane Feather: Kiss Series

To Kiss a Spy

I haven’t been able to locate Jane Feather’s A Widow’s Kiss about the Mallory sister’s mother, but these two book about the sisters stand out as great books! Although I am not usually a fan of Elizabethan romances with heavy courtier/political subplots, I thoroughly enjoyed both of these books.  Wonderful characters, great tension and fanastic love stories make the subplot exactly what it should be: … Expand