Celeste Bradley: Desperately Seeking a Duke and To Wed a Scandalous Spy

Having run out of the old standby authors, I was in desperate search of someone new to read. Usually, I look for three things when scoping out a new author: 1. Do they have more … Continue

Mary Balogh-Slightly Series

Slightly Married by Mary Balogh

“The six brothers and sisters of the Bedwyn family are introduced in A Summer to Remember. Aidan’s story is told in Slightly Married, Rannulf’s in Slightly Wicked, Freyja’s in Slightly Scandalous, Morgan’s in Slightly Tempted, … Continue

Julia Quinn: The Bridgerton Series

To Sir Phillip with Love

BOOK 5 To Sir Phillip With Love BOOK 6 When He Was Wicked BOOK 7 It’s In His Kiss BOOK 8 On the Way to the Wedding BOOK 1 The Duke and I BOOK 2 … Continue


My name is Anne Glover. I am a romance novelist and passionate Regency Romance reader. As voracious of a reader as I am, I decided to start a blog sharing with you my thoughts on … Continue