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Stumbling over a Reg Rom?  Confused by cant?  Can’t figure out the difference between a coach and a carriage?  Submit your questions here for the post category: Regency Reader Questions and our crack team of researchers (mostly Anne) will do the legwork to answer your burning Regency era related inquiries, questions, or curiousities.  Points for “stumping” the historian!

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  2. suzytx says:

    I am a fanatic about accuracy during the Regency era so I have a couple of comments.

    In fact-checking at a well-known Jane Austen website, member research indicated that dance cards probably did not exist during the term of Miss Austen’s life. I have noticed that many regency romances are not set past her death date of 1817 so the mention of dance cards might be anachronistic. I suspect that dance cards were not necessary due the the extreme (by modern standards) length of each dance – about 30 minutes. Perhaps dance cards are more of a late Georgian/early Victorian conceit.

    Another issue concerns the waltz. All the descriptions I have read in regency romances describe a modern version of the waltz without taking into account historical descriptions. Contemporary descriptions (and filmed reenactments available on youtube) indicate less waist holding with swirling and more shoulder holding with fancy footwork

    Great website!

  3. Veronica Reed says:

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