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Cinderella/Pygmalion Theme


Jane Fan Fiction:

Marriage (or Engagement) of Convenience (or Inconvenience)

Masquerade/Mistaken Identity Theme

Rakes and Companions (or Wards or Servants)

Hoydens and Reforming Rakes



Second Chance Romance:

Indecent Proposals

Egypt (Mummies and Such)

Spinsters and The Men Who Love Them

Paranormal Reg Roms

I love you/I hate you and Other Misunderstandings

Indicates clean Regency Romance.

3 Responses to Books by Plot Type

  1. cheryl m kaplan says:

    Were the Regency marriages as cold as they are many times alluded to be? Mistresses for passion, wives for heirs and offspring. Were wives able to be sent to country and not seen in town if the husband forbid it?

    I’m just curious as these situations appear humiliating.


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