Regency Male Name Generator

Regency Name Generator (Male)

I was so sad to see the Regency Name Generator disappear from the interwebs, and the Wayback Machine has become increasingly unreliable.  For the record, I reached out to the creator for permission to host the generator or be inspired by the concept, and they gave me permission to use the concept for the near future.

So, while I was inspired by the old name generator, I went ahead and did all the original research (lots of combing through Debretts, Leighs, and muster rolls) to generate names used in the Regency era. A couple are fairly unique, but I included them for diversity, because the truth is the vast majority of the populace was named Mary, John, Jane, Robert, William, or some of the other common names. There should be close to, if not more, names than the previous Reg Name Generator, so I hope it fills the void.

My webmaster declaimed any ability at writing javascript for a fancy generator, so we found a very nice plugin that works well enough. We will continue to work to improve, but hope you enjoy the placeholder Regency Name Generator for both male and female characters (we had to separate them due to some coding issues).


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