Top 10 Favorite Clean Masquerade/Mistaken Identity Theme Reg Roms

One of my favorite Regency plots is the masquerade or mistaken identity.  I have compiled a list of ten favorite clean (kisses only) masquerade/mistaken identity themed Regency Romances for your wish lists.  Book images takes you to amazon for purchase, or the author name/title take you to my review.  I offer this list in no particular order. Candice Hern: A Garden Folly  In a quest … Expand

Candice Hern: A Garden Folly

A Garden Folly was in keeping with this month’s randomly met theme of disguises.  This time, its the Duke who goes undercover in a quest for love.  He is a botanist who hates the toadying of Ton.  She is an impoverished Baron’s daughter on the hunt for a fortune. When Catherine and her sister, with the help of Aunt Hetty, are invited to the Duchesses’ annual house … Expand