Regency Household: Cheap Roofing for Outhouses

This little gem was lifted from the Domestic Commonplace Book and included in the October 1817 edition of Ackermann’s Repository.  Most readers and writers thoughts fly to chamber pots and retiring rooms, but outhouses were also a “necessary” thing during the Regency. Jane Austen’s World has a deeper dive into privies, potties, and a book all about them:  

Regency Travel: English Travelers Behaving Badly

Appearing in the September 1817 edition of Ackermann’s Repository, this is a first hand account of British travelers becoming persona non grata all over Europe.  I thought this was super interesting, and hope you enjoy it to.  It includes some etiquette and hints for Continental visitors.    

Regency Advertisements: Corsets for the Country

Appearing in the 1817 Ackermann’s Repository, this ad for corsets promises even those languishing provincially may have a London corset fitted to form: The image is from this site that makes reproductions and gives some more history on the Regency corset:

Regency Literature: A Regency Joke?

Published in the August 1806 edition of The Lady’s Monthly Museum, I found this little tidbit which appears to be a joke: Below that one was this amusing anecdote: Hopefully that made you smile (or laugh), too!