Regency Reader Questions: A Cheesy Question

  A Cheesy QuestionIn the c. 1832 publication, “Whom to Marry and How to Get Married…,” there is a description on pg 24 that implies that it is horrifyingly uncouth for a young lady to actually say “cheese.” (It’s also apparently uncouth to say “cabbage,” which should be referred to only as “greens.”) However, I have not found a single reference that says why it … Expand

Beau Brummel (1924)

This gem of a silent film was on TCM last night, and as DH came to bed and looked up at the screen, he could only wonder aloud, “What are you doing watching a silent movie?” Prinny is fabulous, fat and garrulous and everything you would imagine.  The Beau, John Barrymore, is perfectly entrancing. The costumes are amazing, the acting conveyed in looks and sideway … Expand

Regency Hot Spots: Savile Row

Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man.  Or so they say. The Regency man was not immune to displaying his charms to catch the eye of the ladies.  And in an era when the aristocratic class was still largely one of leisure fashion was formidable in terms of accomplishment. While Heyer frequently references Weston as the premier draper and tailor, it was several … Expand

Georgette Heyer: The Regency Buck

For some reason, my husband found the title of this book hilarious.  Usually he doesn’t comment too much on the stacks of hist-ro on the nightstand shelf, or on the titles of my own novels. Perhaps it didn’t help that the cache of Heyer books looked rescued from a library and had seen they’re better days (with those funky retro Harlequin esque covers).  He was … Expand