Regency Household: Mona Marble Chimney Piece

Appearing in Ackermann’s Repository in 1816, this chimney façade featured “Mona Marble”, native to the British Isles (island of Anglesey off Wales) and fashioned in the Roman style.

Regency Literature: The Literary Spy of 1808


Published in the June 1808 edition of the Lady’s Monthly Museum, this short column gives us an overview of various era authors and what some general sentiments of them were. Samuel Jackson Pratt (penname Courtney Melmoth) … Continue

Regency Women of Character: Hannah More

Essays on various subjects, principally designed for young ladies (1810) Hannah More Hannah More (1745-1833) would eventually be known as a thought leader of evangelical, producing plays, poetry,  and later non fiction treatise on a … Continue

Regency Women of Character: Miss Nash

Featured in the August 1816 La Belle Assemblee, Miss Nash was a notable actress and singer during the Regency era.  Although I wasn’t able to find much on her personal life, her reviews were very … Continue