Regency Words: Quiz

Cruikshank's Dandies

  Grose’s Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, 1823 The term quiz didn’t start appearing in cant dictionaries until the 19th century. I found the usage of quiz to mean an odd fellow in a Maria Edgeworth book from 1806 (Moral tales for Young People). Chambers’s Etymological Dictionary of the English Language, 1904 Most etymological references cite this incident in Dublin as the origin: “According to B.H.Smart, … Expand

Regency Lexicon: Bamboozle

There is no clear history for the word bamboozle, a popular slang to describe a hoax, fib or confusion of a person.  There are some wonderful suggestions of the history, as pointed to below…and regardless, its a fun and funny word that has a delicious onomatopoeic quality.   bamboozle (v.) 1703, originally a slang or cant word, perhaps Scottish from bombaze “perplex,” related to bombast, … Expand