Top Ten: Best Regency Romances for Teens

In no particular order, here is my top ten of Reg Roms for teens. Click on the cover to be whisked away for purchase, or hit the link on title/author to read my review. Meg Cabot: Victoria and the Rogue Short, sweet and often funny, this is a great YA read for those interested in historical romance. Anya Wylde: Dorothy Recommended for older teens, this … Expand

Carola Dunn: Crossed Quills

When Wynn Selworth implores Prometheus, a supposed male literary essayist who is actually Phillippa Lisle, to help him, Phillippa poses as Prometheus’ liaison since she is determined never to reveal her secret, and together they embark on a madcap adventure of love. The hero is an aspiring politico, who although a successful secret gothic novelist, sucks at writing speeches.  Enamoured of the work of political … Expand

Carola Dunn: The Fortune Hunters

Jessica Franklin came to Bath to marry a rich man–and she was delighted to find handsome Matthew Walsingham with every qualification. Matthew, however, had come to Bath for the same purpose, regarding Miss Franklin as the perfect wife–wealthy and beautiful. When they discovered the truth, they had to reassess the situation–and their hearts. This may be the mother of all masquerade trope Reg Roms, with … Expand

Carola Dunn: A Lord for Miss Larkin

Alison Larkin thought it would be romantic to be loved by a lord, and her wealthy aunt granted her a Season in London to meet the ton. Unfortunately, the first eligible gentleman who came in her way was Philip Trevelyan–a man without a title but with all the right qualifications to win Miss Larkin’s heart! Alison, our young and very sweet heroine lives with her … Expand