Regency Culture and Society: A Letter to a Young Lady with Introductory Knowledge of the World

This letter from a more worldly sister appeared in the February 1808 issue of La Belle Assemblee, and is reminiscent of a letter from brother to sister published several years before in the Lady’s Monthly … Continue

Regency Culture and Society: On Female Politicians

I spied this article in the October 1800 edition of The Lady’s Monthly Museum and found it fascinating…so had to share. Although it cites a French publication (and very sexist one at that), its inclusion … Continue

Regency Culture and Society: A Letter from a Young Gentleman to His Sister

Appearing in the Lady’s Monthly Museum (1803, Volume 11), this letter from a young gentleman to his sister is everything a letter from a big brother should be. Filled with caution, care, and foreboding warnings … Continue