Top Ten: Marriage of Convenience Regency Romances

One of my favorite romance tropes (especially if comedy) is the marriage/engagement of convenience.  I haven’t analyzed why I love it very deeply, but my instinct tells me its a delight in the absurd about two people forced together who end up falling in love (because, of course, its romance and there has to be a HEA). This plot is perhaps most believable in the … Expand

Celeste Bradley: Fallen

I have now been a fan of Celeste Bradley for about a year, so was pleasantly surprised when I picked up her debut novel Fallen at the office bookshare. Here is the back synopsis: When Izzy went to bed, she never expected to awaken to disgrace. Of course, it felt wonderful…warm hands on her flesh, rough stubbled skin on her cheek. It all seemed some … Expand