Top 10 Favorite Clean Masquerade/Mistaken Identity Theme Reg Roms

One of my favorite Regency plots is the masquerade or mistaken identity.  I have compiled a list of ten favorite clean (kisses only) masquerade/mistaken identity themed Regency Romances for your wish lists.  Book images takes you to amazon for purchase, or the author name/title take you to my review.  I offer this list in no particular order. Candice Hern: A Garden Folly  In a quest … Expand

Susan Carroll: The Wooing of Miss Masters

AUDRA LEIGH MASTERS HAD NO INTEREST IN DUKES, ELIGIBLE OR OTHERWISE! The entire county, however, was agog with the news that the infamous Duke of Raeburn –whose frown was as legendary as his fortune–was hosting a ball to choose a duchess! A chance encounter with the Scowling Duke himself only confirmed Audra’s desire to remain a spinster, content with her inheritance and her books. His … Expand

Joan Smith: Tea and Scandal

THERE WAS MUCH ADO ABOUT SOMETHING AT WILDERCLIFFE! Exceedingly wealthy Lord Pargeter had married his housekeeper . . . then expired, leaving the woman an heiress. There was something havey-cavey about the whole business, especially when the woman’s niece, Jane Lonsdale, arrived unexpectedly from her teaching position at Miss Prism’s Academy. Across the lake, neighbors at Swann Hall were most interested. Visiting acquaintance Lord Fenwick … Expand

Delilah Marvelle: Prelude to a Scandal

Feeling adventurous as I picked up milk, salad, and dishwashing detergent, I stopped over to peruse the shelves of the new releases. This beautiful cover caught my eye almost instantly, and a quick glimpse at the back cover suggested it was right up my aisle.  Rakehell Duke?   Headstrong heroine?  Giddy up! I cracked open the spine my eyes traveling routinely to the thank you pages … Expand