Regency Advertisements: Furniture Cloth and Breeches

19th Century Drapery Shop

Appearing in January 1818’s edition of Ackermann’s Repository is an ad for G. Fox’s Warehouse for table, furniture and window coverings. There was a similar ad run in June 1818 that talks about G. Fox’s … Continue

Regency Household: A Boudoir Table and an Episcopal Chair

In what sounds like the opening line of a bad joke, the November 1825 issue of Ackermann’s Repository featured the fashionable furniture combination of an Episcopal Chair and a Table for a Boudoir.  There is … Continue

Regency Advertisements: Morgan and Sanders Furniture Warehouse

Ackermann’s Repository, May 1817 The last line was, apparently, meant to distinguish themselves from their former employer and rival Thomas Butler ( What is particularly of interest, is the concept of a showroom as a … Continue

Regency Household: A Bed for a Young Lady

Published in the Collection of Designs for Household Furniture and Interior Decoration, 1805 I would find it terrifying (and maybe a bit titillating) to have those half naked young dudes peeping down at me while … Continue