Regency Reader Questions: Yellow Bounders and the Four Horse Club

Some articles and blogs claim that all chaises and post chaises must be yellow. However, the only requirement I’ve found or a particular color of any carriage is one from the Four Horse Club, that … Continue

Regency Reader Questions: Double Barrelled Surnames


Moniker/Name: tkh Source of Question: Research Your Question: I have read hundreds of pages on titles, forms of address, etc. I’ve perused the tomes, consulted my shelf of “how they lived” books. I was toying … Continue

Regency Women of Character: Hannah More

Essays on various subjects, principally designed for young ladies (1810) Hannah More Hannah More (1745-1833) would eventually be known as a thought leader of evangelical, producing plays, poetry,  and later non fiction treatise on a … Continue

Regency H(n)ot Spots: Cranbourne Alley

(The above is a millinery shop in Paris c. 1822) Cranbourn(e) Alley (or Street) was a paved pedestrian thoroughfare that led from Castle Street to the north east corner of Leicester Square. Beginning in 1678, … Continue