Top 10 Favorite Clean Masquerade/Mistaken Identity Theme Reg Roms

One of my favorite Regency plots is the masquerade or mistaken identity.  I have compiled a list of ten favorite clean (kisses only) masquerade/mistaken identity themed Regency Romances for your wish lists.  Book images takes you to amazon for purchase, or the author name/title take you to my review.  I offer this list in no particular order. Candice Hern: A Garden Folly  In a quest … Expand

Jacqueline Diamond: The Forgetful Lady

Jacqueline Diamond is launching new covers for her Regencies, designed by my dear friend and graphic designer Kelly at  I am so pleased, as the covers are beautiful and really represent this wonderful collection of clean, traditional Regencies! The Forgetful Lady is a delightful and sometimes emotional tale of a young lady who, bent on trying to impress everyone with her high flyer ways, … Expand

Update: Jacqueline Diamond’s A Lady in Disguise and Hist-Ro Book Covers

Just a nice update for everyone re: my review post of a Lady in Disguise. After reaching out to Jacqueline on twitter, she gave me the opportunity for some off line conversation about my strong hist-ro book cover opinions, and why I took umbrage with hers. After discussing some of the difficulties with resources available for the ebook format (cost, romance novel cover “factories” and genre … Expand

Jacqueline Diamond: Lady in Disguise

Lady Victoria Courtney has abandoned hope of winning the heart of the dashing Richard, Marquis of Lansdon, although their mothers planned that they would someday marry. Then, while on a journey to Ipswitch to meet her new stepmother, Victoria is mistaken for a woman of the London stage and the mistress of Richard’s friend Henry. Moreover, Henry, being unexpectedly called back to London, has arranged … Expand