Regency Advertisements: Furniture Cloth and Breeches

19th Century Drapery Shop

Appearing in January 1818’s edition of Ackermann’s Repository is an ad for G. Fox’s Warehouse for table, furniture and window coverings. There was a similar ad run in June 1818 that talks about G. Fox’s … Continue

Regency Culture and Society: A Letter to a Young Lady with Introductory Knowledge of the World

This letter from a more worldly sister appeared in the February 1808 issue of La Belle Assemblee, and is reminiscent of a letter from brother to sister published several years before in the Lady’s Monthly … Continue

Regency Hot Spots: The Opera House

The Picture of London, for 1803 Known, at various times, as the Queen’s, King’s, Her Majesty’s, His Majesty’s, or the Opera, the site was a longstanding London location for theatrical entertainment.  In the Regency, the … Continue