Regency Household: A Hunting Lodge


This beautiful hunting lodge plate and description appeared in the May 1816 edition of Ackermann’s Repository.  The large windows are meant to pull nature into the manly domain, reminding me very much of the hunting box being designed by the hero in Laura Matthews’ A Curious Courting.

Regency Household: Plan of A Garden


Appearing in the 1821 October edition of Ackermann’s Repository, this garden plan shows a very neat aerial view of an estate layout. It would appear the whole plan was not published, for the house, stables and offices appear to be off page.

Regency Hot Spots: Southill Park

I was perusing The Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions, Manufactures (1818) when I read about a planned descriptive poem of Southill, the “splendid mansion and enchanting spot” in Bedford and found my curiosity peaked. Naturally, we today might admire houses from yesterday as romantic…but for a home to worthy of a celebratory poem in the Regency era of opulence and grand architecture…well I was definitely … Expand