Regency Health and Medicine: Mercurial Ointment

        Domestic Medicine, Or, A Valuable Treatise on the Prevention and Cure (1804) Found this recipe for mercury ointment (!) in a domestic medicine book and had to share.   Before the toxicity … Continue

Regency Advertisements: Lost Happiness Regained (in other words, abortions)

I learn the most interesting things about Regency society reading the advertisments.  Take this week’s knowledge on book prices, or when I learned powdered drinks were not just a modern thing. I spied this ad … Continue

Regency Health and Medicine: A Receipt for Pomade Divine

The New Practice of Cookery, Pastry, Baking, and Preserving (1804) A multipurpose skin balm for a variety of ailments, Pommade Divine is still made today (although the recipe is different than the homemade version).  For … Continue