Regency Men: The Eccentric Mad Jack

Yep, that’s a dude riding a bear.  Yep, it really happened.  And no, its probably not the craziest thing John “Mad Jack” Mytton did. Born in 1796, John Mytton was a rake of the Regency, a noted eccentric, and part of a long line of Shropshire squires. Expelled from Westminster School for fighting, followed by expulsion from Harrow demonstrated Mytton’s commitment to education was less … Expand

Stephanie Laurens: Four in Hand

She was unquestionably a lady. Still, that had never stopped him before. He could see that she was not, he thought, that young. Even better. Another twinge of pain from behind his eyes lent a harshness to his voice. “Who the devil are you?” In no way discomposed, she answered, “My name is Caroline Twinning. And if you really are the Duke of Twyford, then … Expand

Pre-Regency Hot Spot: Hellfire Caves

Map of the Hell-Fire Caves

In West Wycombe, an enteprising Sir Francis Dashwood sought not only to alleviate local economic contraction, but also fulfill the baser desires of fellow peers. A founding member of the Dilettante Society, Sir Francis was a lover of classical art who fantasized about the Knights of St. Francis meeting in a secluded location.  Coined the Hell-Fire club, they were not the first group of peers … Expand