Regency Advertisements: Play the Lottery!

  Appearing in the 1806 La Belle Assemblee, these two ads promise untold riches for those game enough to enter the lottery. Lotteries were in England officially since 1566. The English State Lottery ran from 1694-1826, when parliament shut it down.

Regency Advertisements: Studies in Landscape

January 1818 Ackermann’s Repository This is actually pretty impressive, as John Laporte (1761-1839) was a talented and known landscape painter and etcher.  From London, Laporte’s daughter and son would also become famous artists in their own right.  Below is one of Laporte’s paintings.

Regency Advertisements: Nevermind the Bungling Imitations

From the 1818 Ackermann’s Repository…patented self-adjusting trusses. Don’t be fooled by the bungling imitators 🙂