Regency Advertisements: A Cooperative Education

A lady instructing a young lady at the piano

This ad appeared in the January 1807 edition of La Belle Assemblee in Bell’s Monthly Compendium of Advertisements.  I believe this crafty Mama was trying to exercise economy, while still allowing her daughters to learn … Continue

Regency Advertisements: Hermit Position

English Eccentrics and Eccentricities, 1875 Likely this young man was interested in being a garden or ornamental hermit.  These hermits lived in hermitages, follies, grottoes or rockeries on the estates of wealthy land owners and … Continue

Regency Advertisements: Attention Drawing Masters, Governesses, and Preceptors of Youth in General

Appeared in the November 1817 issue of Ackermann’s Repository.  I love also the ad for the Lady and Gentleman’s Polite Assistant!