Regency Customs: A Receipt for Courtship

A gentleman and a young lady courting

This 1805 caricature of courtship gives a simple recipe for love and marriage (by Lurie & Whittle of Fleet Street): Two or three dears, and two or three sweets; Two or three balls, and two … Continue

Regency Fashion: Walking, Full and Costume Dresses

Appearing in the January 1807 issue of La Belle Assemblee, I love the drama of these creations (and I am not just talking about the costume!)  Even as understated as the lines were in the … Continue

Regency Advertisements: Hermit Position

English Eccentrics and Eccentricities, 1875 Likely this young man was interested in being a garden or ornamental hermit.  These hermits lived in hermitages, follies, grottoes or rockeries on the estates of wealthy land owners and … Continue