Regency Advertisements: Morgan and Sanders Furniture Warehouse

Ackermann’s Repository, May 1817 The last line was, apparently, meant to distinguish themselves from their former employer and rival Thomas Butler ( What is particularly of interest, is the concept of a showroom as a space not only of exhibition but also of leisure and socializing; “it is noticeable that space is provided for visitors to sit down and relax…(t)his may reflect Morgan & Sanders’ … Expand

Regency Household: A Bookcase

With a Gothic style perfect for the Season, this bookcase is contemplative as well as beautiful and can be multi-functional.  I love the side view detail of the figurine at the top. Appeared in October 1825 Ackermann’s Repository.

Regency Household: A Small Bed


Appearing in the September 1816 Ackermann’s Repository, this “small bed” features a glorious shade of blue intended for the elegant apartments of a young lady of fashion. I have never thought furniture was considered a “national” asset, but I stand corrected!