Regency Pastimes: Conchology

From The young lady’s book: a manual of elegant recreations, exercises, and pursuits (1829): The book goes on to describe more specifically species and observations (you can click on any of the excerpts to be taken to the Google book and read). The science in the book seems a bit iffy, but nonetheless it is an interesting recommendation for a young lady and one that … Expand

Regency Pastimes: Archery

Archery, once a critical skill for protection and hunting, fell out of fashion in England sometime in the 1500s to be resurrected en masse by the upper classes as sport in the late 1700s.  By the Regency era, it was an established pastimes for gentlemen and women. Winter Evenings: Or Lucubrations on Life and Letters, 1805 It was particularly popular with the ladies because it provided … Expand