Regency Hot Spots: Beasts of the Tower

historical plate of animals cages at the Tower of London

A View to London, 1803 The Tower of London held many curiosities during the Regency, being one of the favored attractions (as it still is today) when visiting Town.  The Royal Menagerie at the Tower … Continue

Regency Hot Spots: The Opera House

The Picture of London, for 1803 Known, at various times, as the Queen’s, King’s, Her Majesty’s, His Majesty’s, or the Opera, the site was a longstanding London location for theatrical entertainment.  In the Regency, the … Continue

Regency Hot Spots: The White House

A “discreet side entrance”  alluded to the mystery and magic of Soho’s The White House brothel (Pursuit of Pleasure: Gender, Space and Architecture in Regency London, 2010, p.136).  The “famous magic brothel” in Soho Square combined … Continue

Regency (H)not Spots: Aldersgate Street

    Aldersgate Street, in the City of London along the ancient London Wall, was named after the northern gate of the city. From the commercial guide of 1818, its clear to see it was … Continue