Regency Reader Questions: It’s Potty Time

bordaloue for ladies

Tara K, who has sent me a raft of interesting questions including glove etiquette, whether ladies could say “cheese”, and why certain conveyances were painted yellow, has sent a new batch to try and “stump … Continue

Regency Reader Questions: Ladies Watches


Time again for another fabulous Reg Reader question, this one courtesy of Miss Fairfax whose careful re-reading of Pride and Prejudice noted a previously unnoticed mention of ladies watches. Moniker/Name: Miss Fairfax Your Question: I’ve been … Continue

Regency Reader Questions: Maps, research and making up names


I must first say that I LOVE getting your questions (so keep them coming).  Yes, the flattery and kind words of course stroke my ego, but more than that I love learning about what you … Continue