Regency Fashion: Costume for Dinner Parties and Evening Dress

Appearing in the February 1816 La Belle Assemblee, these two evening gowns were perfect for the gadabout young lady. Included are some little hints about dress and fashion, including the tidbit that white dresses will “ever be the most prevailing breakfast costume”.

Regency Fashion: Winter Carriage Dress and French Carriage Dress

Appearing in the February 1818 edition of La Belle Assemblee, these exquisite carriage dresses are everything I have ever wanted in a coat. The French “celestial” blue with its military Brandebourg fastenings is jaunty and elegant…who would’ve thought you could be both at once?! The swansdown trimmed striped carriage dress, on the other hand, is just the right level of dashing. And how I love … Expand

Regency Fashion: Parisian Concert Dress and Oriental Ball Dress

Appearing in January 1816’s La Belle Assemblee, these two fancy gowns display the influences on fashion from outside the UK. I adore the copy on the Parisian dress “A blue shawl…is thrown over this dress on quitting a theatre or crowded apartment” as well as the many fashion hints for the month. You can click on the text to be taken to the Google Books … Expand