Top Ten: Best Regency Romances for Teens

In no particular order, here is my top ten of Reg Roms for teens. Click on the cover to be whisked away for purchase, or hit the link on title/author to read my review. Meg Cabot: Victoria and the Rogue Short, sweet and often funny, this is a great YA read for those interested in historical romance. Anya Wylde: Dorothy Recommended for older teens, this … Expand

Romance Reading on the Rise: Top Ten Things I Learned From Hist-Ro

I sawa blurb on the nightly news the other evening which reported a 30% increase in romance novel sales over the last several months.  The consensus from experts?  The “tough economic times” (ugh, who else is sick of that turn of phrase?) makes readers want a happy ending. Funny, (perhaps its all those feminist destructuralism tomes I read in college) but I have never really … Expand