Regency Fashion: Carriage and Evening Dresses

A bit later than typical fashion features, I found this lovely plate from March 1828’s Ladys’ Monthly Museum that I couldn’t resist sharing. I adore the added hat details and precious sprigs of flowers that nearly jump off the page with life.

Regency Fashion: French and English Walking Dresses

From the December 1819 La Belle Assemblee, these two walking dresses complete with hats and warm over garments are delightful examples of increasingly complex gowns towards the later Regency. I have also included the Cabinet of Taste article that follows the plates as it includes some helpful hints from a “Parisian Correspondent”.

Regency Fashions: Walking and Morning Dress

Published in the April 1814 edition of The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions and …, these two elegant gowns feature the familiar high waist and clean lines of the era.  The ruffled collar of the walking gown and ermine lined cape is no doubt in deference to the oft patchy weather of April.  Note the tiny footstool and delightfully mini chaise lounge in the … Expand